Tulsa People Magazine: Greenwood: ‘Renewal’

Tulsa People Magazine

“Greenwood was a real community in the old-fashioned way,” Randle says. “Everything you needed was within walking distance. The area embraced its diversity. Even though there were rich and poor, everyone went to the same schools, churches, parks, pools and rode the same public transit. It was a place with … Read More

Victory of Greenwood: Otis G. Clark

Reverend Otis Clark

Photograph of Otis Clark courtesy of M.J. Alexander In a sense, the life of Otis Clark is reminiscent of the parable of the prodigal son. Squandering his education, he found success as a bootlegger before the age of 18. After the 1921 Tulsa Massacre, he made his way to Hollywood … Read More

Run it Back: #025: How They Rebuilt

greenwood home rebuilding

Through a mixture of hubris and active malice, Tulsa city leaders undermined the rebuilding of Greenwood. Black people brought the neighborhood back anyway. The tents stretched across the burned-out prairieland for acres, surrounded by dirt and rubble and trees stripped bare of all their foliage. Where the Dreamland Theater had … Read More