Good Day Tulsa: Author Carlos Moreno has written about the Tulsa Race Massacre for 2 different generations

Good Day Tulsa

Interview with Good Day Tulsa about the Victory of Greenwood, and a conversation with Stephen Green and A Kids Book About, discussing the collaboration to adapt the story of the massacre to a much younger audience.

This book is A Kids Book About’s first book addressing a specific event with the clear aim of offering a historically accurate narrative. We wrote this book because the 1921 Race Massacre is an important moment for Americans to consider that how we remember history matters. The way this story was passed down robbed generations of Greenwood and Tulsa descendants of the truth which they could have learned from. We are retelling this important story 100 years later, driven by both historical record and personal accounts from the elders of Greenwood.

A Kids Book About the Tulsa Race Massacre begins with a brief history of the Greenwood neighborhood in Tulsa, Oklahoma, a thriving community of around 10,000 people and hundreds of businesses. After the massacre, Greenwood had to rebuild and find its resilience again, but the real story of what happened 100 years ago is still not understood or recognized by many Tulsans. Carlos began his work in Tulsa in 1998, assembling the tapestry of what happened 100 years ago from the first-hand accounts of the elders of Greenwood, and today is working to share Greenwood’s rich history as well as address the challenges North Tulsa faces today.

Watch the video interview here.