TYPROS Urbanist Crew: How To Build an Anti-Racist City?

Urbanist Crew

We’ll convene a conversation about the ways a city can be anti-racist, and how we can implement those tools in Tulsa. In a frank discussion with a diverse panel, we’ll confront the ways our city’s built environment and urban design perpetuates the racist legacy of 1921, and discuss ways to … Read More

Carlos Moreno @ Oklahoma State University’s Cadre Conference

OSU Tulsa Cadre Conference

Special Session: Telling their story – 100 years since the Tulsa Race Massacre.Join faculty and scholars who work intimately with data collection and dissemination to share the story of the Tulsa Race Massacre throughout Tulsa and the Oklahoma region.  The group will include panel discussion, sharing of resources, and practical … Read More

Interview with Women of Ruth

Black Wall Street

Tulsa’s Black Wall Street: The Centennial Celebration: Girls Trip w/LaVerne and Steffanie It’s been 100 years since Tulsa’s Black Wall Street was burned to the ground. Organizers at Greenwood Culture Center are gearing up for its Juneteenth event to commemorate its importance. Carlos Moreno is the author of The Victory … Read More

Interview with Trenton 365

Trenton 365

Author Carlos Moreno chats with Jacque Howard the book – The Victory of Greenwood. Trenton 365 is an independent media outlet with radio, tv, on location, and live shows encouraging civic engagement to build a better community.