OU Daily: OU alumnus launches children’s book about Tulsa Race Massacre, Greenwood

OU alumnus Carlos Moreno launched a children’s book about the Tulsa Race Massacre at Fulton Street Books and Coffee Tuesday afternoon in conjunction with Tulsa’s commemoration of the centennial to create a resource for children to learn about the massacre and understand its historical significance.  

A Kids Book About: The Tulsa Race Massacre,” was made possible through the publishing company A Kids Book About, based in Portland, Oregon. The company creates honest children’s books “without dragons, silly bears or cute tales about princesses” to help them navigate difficult conversations on topics like systemic racism, anxiety and body image. 

Stephen Green, the chief operating officer of A Kids Book About, met with Moreno to collaborate on the book. 

Moreno, a current graphic designer for the Community Action Project of Tulsa, was once an aspiring designer from the San Francisco bay area who dreamed of making his start. He said when he moved to Tulsa in 1988 without friends or family, the community of Greenwood became his “first shot.” 

“All of those people, all of those institutions, organizations and businesses really opened their arms up to me and just said, ‘Hey, you’re tempted to go hustle, you want to work hard, you want to help us — let’s do it, let’s make things happen,” Moreno said.

The elders of the Greenwood community taught Moreno about the district’s past through conversations and black and white photos of the burned-down neighborhood. He said as he began freelancing for The Oklahoma Eagle and gathered “print books, hidden court case files and thought to be lost forever newspaper articles,” the story of Greenwood never left him.

Greenwood’s “openness and victory” inspired Moreno to pass on the community’s “spirit of resistance” to the younger generation often works with at CAP Tulsa, he said.

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