Pod4Good: 2nd Anniversary Celebration


Carlos Moreno joins Pod4Good for a third time, to celebrate the podcast’s 2nd anniversary, as well as help support Pod4Good’s fundraiser for the resettlement of refugees to Tulsa from Afghanistan.

The Making of: Breakin’ Bricks

Tulsa Ballet Breakin' Bricks

In collaboration with the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre Centennial Commission, choreographer Jennifer Archibald brings you a singular multimedia experience combining dance and documentary to explore the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre. Originally conceived as an historical timeline, through intensive research that included intimate conversation with descendants of survivors, this project has … Read More

Code for America Brigade Congress 2021: Greenwood Video Series

Black Lives Matter

Video series for Code for America Brigade 2021. The volunteer bridge of Code for America in Tulsa produced a video series with local videographer Titus Jackson. Watch the 3-video series here. Video 1: The Greatness of Greenwood.https://youtu.be/4JjIjDnJONE Video 2: The Wealth of Greenwood.https://youtu.be/YK_N1af2J8w Video 3: The Rebirth of Greenwood.https://youtu.be/KzFKZkocr4o

The Greenwood Digital Creators Showcase

The Greenwood Digital Creators Showcase

The Greenwood Digital Creators Showcase presents a series of digital resources that work together to help transition the research and visualization of Greenwood into the digital age. All projects presented are open access and free to the public. The projects differ in their scope and audience but all work together … Read More