Photo of Simon Berry courtesy of the Greenwood Cultural Center. Greenwood produced many great entrepreneurs but perhaps none has left such a lasting legacy on Tulsa as Simon Berry. Social entrepreneurship is a current buzz word in the business community but this was the type of business that Berry conducted
Photo of J.B. Stradford courtesy of Laurel Stradford, Stradford family historian. On the morning of Tuesday, December 1st, 1908, J.B. Stradford and his wife Augusta boarded a train from Kansas on the Katy line to Tulsa, Oklahoma. They refused to ride in the furthest train car, reserved for Black passengers,
mabel little
Photo courtesy of Langston University, from Fire on Mount Zion: My Life and History as a Black Woman in America by Mabel Little. On a warm summer Tuesday evening on June 1st, 1971, dozens of parishioners and community members gathered at Mt. Zion Baptist Church to hear Mabel Little speak.
Photo of A.C. Jackson courtesy of the Department of Special Collections & University Archives, McFarlin Library, The University of Tulsa Every Tulsa historian would agree that among the most tragic of the deaths which occurred during the Race Massacre of 1921 was that of Dr. A.C. Jackson. The esteemed physician
Photograph of John & Loula Williams courtesy of the Tulsa Historical Society & Museum. Tulsa historian Scott Ellsworth’s Death in a Promised Land opens with the story of a young Bill Williams asking his father why they relocated from Mississippi to Oklahoma. “Well,” his father answered, “I came out to